Hire A Mobile Bar Service With Confidence!

A few important questions you should ask every bartending service you hire will ensure that your party is legally operating, and your party is fully covered.

When you walk into a restaurant, there is an understanding that the business is operating under state and federal guidelines that protect both the guests and staff from unseen happenings. The state and governing bodies can easily oversee each business partially because the business is a established location.

You need to know.

Some mobile bars are bartenders offering services without proper business paperwork and insurance. You will have no coverage if you need it.

If anything should happen during your party, you will have no recourse if you have hired a company without proper business paperwork, insurances and legally vetted staff (not 1099).

Mobile Services Are Difficult to Oversee

Mobile bartenders will travel to your venue, home, park, backyard, anywhere you want them to host a bar service. Because it is a mobile business, it is difficult for the state/federal agencies to oversee legal compliance.


You’ll need to take responsibility and ask the right questions.

1- Workman’s Comp – In the state of Connecticut (not all states require this) you should make sure that the company you hire has Workman’s comp in place. This mandatory program pays medical costs and lost wages in the event of work-related injuries and illnesses. A homeowner can be sued if a contractor is hurt while on the homeowner’s property if a contractor does not have workers compensation for them self or any subcontractors they hire.


2 – General Liability – A mobile bartending business isn’t legally required to carry general liability insurance to operate However, it is extremely risky to hire a mobile bar business that does not carry general liability insurance. What happens if you are dissatisfied with work or have even a minor issue? Insurance is essential, offering you a financial lifeline to recover costs if needed.

3 – Liquor Liability – covers the specific risks associated with serving alcohol to guests.

4 – Employees vs.1099 – you need to ask if the company you are hiring has employees or if they “hire” 1099 workers.

Workers cannot simply be designated as 1099 employees. 1099 must meet the legal criteria to qualify as an independent contractor. A true1099 must be an LLC and carry their own insurance which, 99.9 percent of the time, is not the case. So — Ask if the bar service provider you are hiring has employees vs.1099.

5- Under the Table – Ask the service you are hiring to provide proof of Employee status to ensure that YOU have full coverage for your party.

Mobile bars are all the trend in throwing a successful party! Just make sure the service you are hiring has your best interest to party!

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