The Culture of Congregating is Changing

Living in a post pandemic world has completely changed the landscape of our lives, especially when it comes to how we gather and how we celebrate with each other. In days past, the majority of parties, corporate events, and weddings would all revolve around destinations. Limited venues with limited date availability would offer you limited services for a limited time.

Nowadays however, the culture of congregation has vastly changed, and people are celebrating where they want and how they want. More and more weddings, parties, and events are now being hosted right in peoples backyards, and other less than common places. So many of the pre-pandemic barriers of convention have been broken down, and today, if you can dream it, you can do it. That is where we come in.

Hiring a luxury mobile bartending company gives you the options and freedoms to personalize

and craft your styles and tastes to your own party. You are able to browse through our fabulous menu of both old favorites, and uniquely original, handcrafted cocktails . Your guests get the benefit of receiving not just a drink, but an experience. Our licensed bartenders come with the knowledge, with the style, and with the love of their craft, to give all of your guests an experience they will remember. All of our bartenders are also TIPS certified , ensuring that everyone is able to enjoy themselves safely.

Another great feature of using a professional mobile bar service company as opposed to just hiring a per diem bartender, is that you get to take advantage of differently themed bars. Our mixologists have created fantastic packages, regardless of your venue, including a mojito bar and a handcrafted margarita bar. One of our most popular packages is our smoked whiskey bar. Each cocktail is individually smoked in front of your guests for them to see, to smell, and to taste. It’s another great feature to consider for your next party or get together. For more information you can check us out at Cheers!

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